Dots and Boxes Game

Remember that childhood, when we (at least me) used play game of Dots & Boxes on the pen and paper, sitting at the back bench in the class. I am trying to create that fond memories, with this new digital world.

Plot of the game: Dots & Boxes game is a multi player game (only 2 players here), where aim for each player is to secure as many boxes as possible. At each turn, a player draw a line by connecting two dots, only vertical and horizontal lines are allowed, which should not include anymore dots. In other words, only a small line of length 1 is allowed at a turn. If you could draw a line which complete a box, that box belongs to you, and you have one more chance to draw a line. The strategy is to not give opportunity to opponent to form a box. Check on Wikipedia. Check the instructions and options below. Try with full window size.

How to play: Instructions & Options

  • To start (or pause) a game, press "P" or (button "Play&Pause"). To re-start press "R"
  • There are two players, Player 1 (red) and Player 2 (green). Player 1 starts first. Scores or on the deshboard and turn is shown there.
  • A line is highlighted while mouse hover on it, click to draw a line. Once a box is comlete, it is filled with a color of player and score is updated.
  • You could choose an opponent (Player 2) as a dumb/smart computer agent, with a little bit of stochasticity (I know, poor choice of words).
  • When Player 2 is selected as "user", you play with your friend.
  • When Player 2 is selected as "auto", two smart computer players play with each other, you could just watch, how they play. It is fun to watch it.
  • You could choose small/big grid of Dots - see the options
  • After changing any options, you need to click on "Apply&Start" button
  • ... Have fun